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How to Rent an Apartment in Tokyo in Articles - About Tokyo

If you're a gaijin (Japanese for foreigner) and you're interested in renting an apartment, prepare to shell out a fortune. Conventional apartments in Tokyo are rented for a minimum of two years, and most landlords are hesitant to rent out their properties to gaijin. Even nihonjin (what the Japanese call themselves) find it expensive to rent an apartment in Tokyo, calling the experience "hikoshi-bimbo", which translates to literally, "moving poor".


Managing Finances in Tokyo in Articles - About Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the world's most advanced cities, yet the banking industry is one of the most conservative sectors in Japan. Chances are, your international ATM card and credit cards will be useless in Tokyo – most ATMs do not accept international ATM cards; many small restaurants, hotels, and even bars do not accept credit cards. You will need to bring a lot of yen with you as you go traipsing around Tokyo.